Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ethiopia on the mind

I have Ethiopia on the mind. All. The. Time. It is consuming me and making me very forgetful and a little nutty. Today I walked into the Army Recruiting office, instead of the optometrist. I wasn’t paying attention. I am sure I had Ethiopia on the mind. Monday I started playing a song for one of my voice students in the wrong key. It took me a little while to figure out what the problem was. After she stared it me like I was crazy, I apologized and told her it was because I had Ethiopia on my mind.

I called the doctor today to get prescriptions for our trip, because I am working ahead and trying to get things done. I told the lady who answered the phone that we were traveling to Ethiopia soon and as she was writing down the message, she told me she had not written ‘Ethiopia’ since she was in high school. WHAT? She doesn’t have Ethiopia on the mind. It is so funny how something can consume me, but never cross the mind of others.

I wish more people had Ethiopia on their mind and in their hearts. I wish more people had orphans on their minds and in their hearts. I might need to do something about that, but haven’t quite figured out what it is yet. Do you have Ethiopia and orphans on your mind? (Most of you will say yes, since 90% of those reading this are adopting from Ethiopia too!)
So, our court day is one week from today. Tomorrow my fridge will say “6 Days Until Court”. I would take a picture, but I am too lazy. Michael and I have decided to do everything we can during the next week to prepare for our trip. We know we may not pass on the first try, and we know we won’t be traveling right away. However, we think it is best to be as prepared as possible. We don’t want to feel rushed. I certainly don’t want to forget anything. After all, I’ve got Ethiopia on the mind.


The Mathews Family said...

so super exciting! Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us. All the best, Christine

Anonymous said...

So true, when you get the court date, its all down hill from there!
All I think about is Ethiopia! Nice to connect with others who are feeling the same way! Big prayers for passing court first time around!! God Bless!!

Eryn said...

I am avoiding having Ethiopia on the mind at all costs. I get swallowed up in it.

so, instead, I'm completely scatterbrained, thinking about 10,000 things besides ET. Paint. Scrapbooking. Pedicures with girl friends. Starbucks. Painting (again), baking, crafting, you name it. I think it's equally as bad. I wanna to travel with you so much! I hope we get things moving so we can catch up to where you are!

Mark and Heidi said...

What a cute post! Hey, I don't even have a court date and I am a combination of you and Eryn - completely consumed by Ethiopia on my mind and trying to do a bunch of other projects, with lots of paint, and let me tell you being scatter brained with a paint brush in hand is not always the best idea! SIX DAYS! How awesome is that???

paige said...

Come join us!

I've had Ethiopia on my mind for four years now--if anything, Ethiopia was even more on my mind once I returned and began to process all that I saw in the country I love so much.

You could donate money, volunteer, raise consciousness, etc--just keep Ethiopia in mind!

ReSoNate said...

I TOTALLY relate! We got our referral two weeks ago and I'm in a total daze. I left my debit card at a gift shop and did not realize it til the lady called me - come to think of it, I wonder how she got my phone number. My hubby had to pick it up for me. And my poor co-workers... I keep forgetting things. Congratulations on your referral... it has been fun following your process.

Anonymous said...

This blog is making me have Ethiopia on the mind! Thanks for sharing in a way where we can all pray and be involved.

Mark and Heidi said...

ONE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!