Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Oh my goodness. We have gotten the sweetest pictures over the past few days. Beka very generously delivered a little package to our sweet girl when she was there to meet her precious son. She took three beautiful pictures of her and then surprised us with a short little video. She is spitting up during most of it and looks pretty overwhelmed, but we LOVE it! It is so nice to see her moving. Beka wrote this description of her:

“Your sweet M. is a beautiful baby. I touched her and talked to her...didn't want to pick her up because she looked very content and I didn't want to mess with that :). She was wearing the sweetest little cardigan. She is even more beautiful in real life! She has a sweet soul. Seems very happy and content. She even gave a little grin for the camera. I love those gummy baby smiles!!!”

We also received an update from Gladney. It included a great picture of her with her thumb in her mouth and showed off her big brown eyes. This is what the update said about her:

“This little doll is quick to smile with the slightest interaction. The smallest brush of the cheek or pat on the tummy elicits wide grins and kicking feet. And, I believe, she’s already pretty ticklish! I just sort of casually tickled her little ribs today and got quite the giggle for such a little one. What a doll!”

It has now been five weeks since our world changed. It seems like such a long time ago when we first saw our daughter. We are absolutely in love with her and each day we go without her stings a little. We know she is in great hands and we can tell from the pictures and the descriptions just how happy she is. We are so blessed to have these.

Three families received court dates for February 16!!! There are only two families ahead of us now on the unofficial list. Any day now… any day.


Eryn said...

so sweet! I loved getting an update from Beka too! still waiting for my gladney update. Here's hoping we GET OUR COURTDATES too!!

Mark and Heidi said...

So sweet! Aren't the videos just amazing?! You can see so much more about their personalities than in a picture. Come on court date!!!! So close now!!!!

Anonymous said...

Updates keep us all going until court dates! Thank God for those!! praying for a court date SOON!!!!

Tam and Kai - NYC said...

Love the update -
Come on court date!

Lane, Laura, and Max said...

Been keeping up with your family's journey through your blog. Praying for you to get your court day soon! Congratulations on the miracle of your little girl!

Eryn said...

ooh, your blog looks great! I love the new titles of your'd you do that? So cute.

Michael and Katie said...

Thanks, Eryn. I'll send you an email telling you how I did it.