Thursday, February 11, 2010

More good news

We had our fingerprint appointment this morning, so we can check that off of the list. We decided to ask while we were there if there was any way we could provide our FedEx account number and they could use it to mail all of the documents. They told me we could! We are currently waiting for our fingerprints to clear and then they will overnight the new prints and our updated I-171H to the National Visa Center in Washington DC. After they process them, they will send them electronically to Ethiopia, which should be about 5-7 days after receiving them. This is very good news.

Does anyone know how long it normally takes for prints to clear? When we had our fingerprints done the first time, it took a full month for us to receive the approval letter. However, we had them taken two days before Thanksgiving and received the approval the day after Christmas. I am sure the holidays slowed things down a bit.
We are feeling much more encouraged and are very pleased things are moving along more quickly. Now all we need is a court date….


Robyn said...

We had our clearance letter within a week of our reprints.

I wish we had known about the fedex number! That should really help things move along.

Mark and Heidi said...

It varies from state to state so you see if you can find someone to ask who has recently done this in your state. We have been waiting two months for ours to clear, and I am starting to seriously freak out. Last time it only took two weeks so I have no idea what is going on.

Eryn said...

Yes, we totally want our court dates!

We had our original clearance letter in hand in 10 days from our fingerprinting appt. good luck!