Friday, November 23, 2007

gobble. gobble. gobble.

So, Thanksgiving was lots of fun, but a long day. We began the day at my grandparents’ house for the traditional and yummy Thanksgiving feast. The food was great and I was stuffed by the time it was all said and done.

My sister, cousins and I have always enjoyed playing games at my grandparents’ house. Some of the games are newer, but some are the games our parents played when they were children. Little Chief is one of the games we have always liked to play. I think it was my uncle’s game. It involves putting a headband on your head and collecting feathers. When Michael began attending holidays with my family, Little Chief was a right of passage for him. My cousins, Michael, Amy and Steele played it yesterday. I opted to just take pics of the festivities.

The game.

The pros.

Michael with his feathers.

Amy with more feathers!

My very cute Grandy. He was laughing at me for taking his pic.

After we left my grandparents’ house, we went to Michael’s brothers house for Thanksgiving with his family. Several years ago we started the tradition with his family of non-Thanksgiving food. We decided it was too much work to have to each prepare food for two different Thanksgiving feasts (one for each side of the family). We go with a different theme each year for the Morris family get-together. This year was Italian. It was tasty. There were 30 people there. Michael has six siblings. We currently have 13 nieces and nephews, with two more on the way. His aunt and uncle and one of his cousins were also there.

I tried to get pics of all of the kids, but I don’t think I succeeded. Here are some cute pics:

Elizabeth (She is the oldest niece. She is 12, which doesn't seem possible!) and Tabitha (Michael's sister)


Josiah and Jude

Ezra and Michael looking at Michael's new phone.

Lydia (her family calls her Lulu)


Abigail with a cute little kitten.


Aidan got tired of me taking pics of him so he put the lens cap on my camera!

I hope everyone else had a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving Day!

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