Sunday, November 4, 2007

birthday celebration!

Well, my youngest cousins are legal! Today is their 21st birthday. We had a party for them at my aunt and uncle’s house. As usual the food was scrumptious. They love to entertain and always have a fantastic feast prepared. Matthew and my uncle fried okra from their garden. It was great. Here is a pic of the okra:

They are 7 ½ years younger than I am and the age difference used to seem so big. As we have gotten older the age gap feels smaller and smaller. Here is a cute pic of them with Emily (their sister) and my uncle. Nice glasses, huh? I stole this pic from my uncle’s My Space. Yes, my uncle has a My Space!

I took this pic tonight. Matthew is on the left and Michael on the right.

A birthday tradition in our family is the red “You are special today” plate. Since they are twins, another plate had to be added, hence the “You are loved” plate Matthew is holding (along with his piece of turkey!)

A couple of more pics from the party…..

My uncle and my mom

Emily (my cousin) and her boyfriend, Steele

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