Thursday, January 31, 2008

cluttered ramblings.

Well, I realize Thanksgiving was the last time I blogged. I have had an extremely busy past two months. Our business keeps us constantly moving. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. We had a great Christmas and really enjoyed a day of rest and relaxation with our family.

I have had a tiny bit of down time this week and have been concentrating on my home. I am trying to get everything cleaned. We are hoping to have our house on the market by mid April. We are moving to Norman, where our business is located. I want to really deep clean everything, which I will also have to do closer to April, but it would really feel great to have it done now.

I have really been thinking about all of the stuff we have and really all of the stuff we, as Americans, have. I was at home on the computer the other day and looking around my office at all of the things I have, particularly in the closet. Wow. I bet I have more items in my office than people in other countries have in their entire home. What is the point? Why are we the collectors of stuff? Now, I must say, I am not a packrat, hoarder, collector or whatever. I am actually quite the opposite. I don’t feel the need to hold on the most things. I have an annual garage sale and every year I vow to purge my home of all unnecessary items and I still have a lot of stuff. WHY????

I am really going to do it this time. Purge, purge, purge away. Now that I know there will be strangers walking through my house, I have a great goal. I also know that anything I get rid of I don’t have to move.

I started by having Michael go through his underwear and sock drawers, mainly because they were so full (because I was completely caught up on laundry) that they wouldn’t shut. He got rid of quite a lot, especially considering I had him do the same thing in October. He also nicely folded all of his underwear and socks and arranged them very beautifully in their respective drawers. Way to go Michael. What a guy!

So, I am going to concentrate on the following areas this week:

1. Paper purge – I am going to go through the papers piling up on my desk, some of which are obvious trash. I will also go through the mail…boo. If I have time I will move on to the file cabinets.

2. Closet purge – I am going to go through my closet and dresser drawers (even though I just did this in October) and rid myself of any clothes, shoes, socks, etc. that I can.

3. Bathroom purge – I will go through the bathroom and get rid of any old bottles of hair products, makeup, etc. This shouldn’t be too hard since I don’t really keep a lot of these types of products around. Also, Michael organized our bathroom a few months ago, so I won’t have too much work to do (no, ladies you cannot have him). I know there are some items I can toss, however.

Okay, so I will report back next week on my progress. Anyone else want to join in and clear clutter out of their own home?

I hope everyone has a great week!


Amy said...

1. Yes, you do have a wonderful husband. And I am certain that said husband LOVES that you left an entire paragraph to discuss his underwear drawer.

2. You're selling your house in APRIL? I had no idea.

3. My workspace and closet = next, please. I'm available all next week.

Thanks so much.

Katie said...

1. Yeah I told Michael what I wrote. He said no one would care about him folding his underwear. I think he is wrong:)

2. We decided to set a goal for ourselves and April sounded good. We have a lot to do first, so we will see....

3. I have witnessed that you now officially know how to organize. I believe in you. I can come help though if you want me to.