Wednesday, January 20, 2010

an update

We received our very first update on baby M. yesterday!!! Oh my goodness, she has grown a lot! The measurements we received with her referral, which were taken on December 8, were 7.9 pounds and 19.7 inches long. She was almost 7 weeks on December 8. The measurements taken on January 14, at 12 weeks old, were 10.1 pounds and 20.9 inches long. We are so grateful that Gladney updates us every two weeks.

In addition to the information about her growth and development, we received a picture of her. The picture brought tears to my eyes the moment I saw it. She has the biggest grin on her face. She looks so happy, which makes our hearts swell.

The update came with mixed emotions. We were so happy to see her and read about her development. However, it really made us realize how much we are missing. We are happy she is growing, but everyday that goes by is another day we will spend without her. We can’t wait for the day that we can spend every moment with her. Soon we will go from seeing one picture of her every two weeks, to holding her in our arms. Heaven.


Eryn said...

Katie...I had the EXACT same feelings when we got our update yesterday!

So happy that she's growing and so healthy and obviously getting great care. really made my mom's heart sad to think of all we were missing.

Praying we all get those courtdates SOON.Let's go get our girls!!

Charlie said...

I know exactly how you guys feel. It's a mixed bag really, on one hand I am just so happy to have a referral and know my daughter already. On the other hand, I know that with each day that passes, it's another day that we can't get back.

We'll just have to make the most of it when we do finally get our baby girls!

Anonymous said...

I love getting updates on our baby also! So comforting to know they are growing and healthy but sad its not with there moms right now!! Hoping for fast court dates!!
I'm sure it wont be long!!!!!!!