Friday, January 22, 2010

three months old

Our daughter is three months old today. We wish we could be there with her, but we know she is in good hands. It is nice that we can rest easy knowing that the staff at the Gladney Care Center is taking such great care of her.
Congratulations to all of the families who received court dates and referrals this week. There is nothing quite like finding out about your child for the first time. I know Michael and I will never forget that moment. I am sure finding out you have a court date is exciting too. I would certainly love to find out. Hopefully we will hear something next week!!!


Lisa said...

Yay for three months! I hope you do get your court date next week!

Eryn says her little girl came to Gladney on the 8th and is also from Gondar. Is that where your little one is from too?

Mark and Heidi said...

Happy month-day to your little girl. And COME ON COURT DATES!!! I certainly am looking forward to finding out what that feels like too :)

Eryn said...

yay Katie! Sweet girl....I'm so with you. When our girl hit 5 months a few weeks ago, it was bitter sweet. I just hate feeling like we are missing any of her milestones...but God is with her. Zeph 3:17 has become one of my favorite verses when I think of her.

Katie...i'd love to see her if you're

Laura Ferry-Jimenez said...

happy birthday, sweet girl! you sure are loved! praying for a speedy court date. :)