Thursday, March 13, 2008

i made out with blue 7

Blue 7 (a fabulous boutique in OKC) has been carrying the Project 8256 products for several months now. They have been so gracious to do this and we really appreciate their support. They have recently moved to a bigger location, which happens to coincide with their 5th birthday. They are having a big celebration this Saturday (March 15) from 10am-11pm. There will be food, music and more!

They will be featuring the Project 8256 merch and will have Blue 7 shirts for sale. The shirts say “I made out with Blue 7”, and they have very graciously decided to donate $5.00 of the sale of each t-shirt to our adoption fund. AMAZING!

If you live in the OKC metro area, please support Blue 7. They are wonderful people and we know their business will continue to succeed.

In addition to all of the prints they normally carry, Amy has added lots-o-greeting cards and the following beauties:

P.S. Their new location is at 7518 N.May at May and Grand, just south of Starbucks. Plus they have now added a Blue 7 Kids store right next door to their new location!

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