Monday, June 29, 2009

renew me

It is renew expired documents. Boo. I got an email from Judy, with Gladney, that it was time to get our OK Criminal and Child Abuse clearances updated. After doing a little investigating I realized we also have to have our medical forms and our home study updated. I fear that with this updated home study comes more paperwork and notarizing everything over again. We will see. I emailed our caseworker today, so I will wait for the details.

I realize it has been a long time since I blogged (surprise, surprise). Yes, Heidi, it does seem like we went on spring break and never came back. The last time I blogged we had been on the waiting list for 8 weeks. We having now been waiting for over 22 weeks, or over 5 months. On the unofficial list, there are thirteen families ahead of us, with two of those families also waiting for siblings in an age range close to ours. I am sure we still have many more weeks (or months) of waiting, but it is exciting and a little scary to see our name rise on the list.